Welcome to South Florida Brahmans

Located in beautiful Southwest Miami, Florida, South Florida Brahmans is owned and operated by the Acosta family. Our ranch sits on an urban background and our cattle graze among the palm trees so our commitment Brahman genetics is necessary to tolerate our tropical environment successfully, but we believe in the great qualities the breed offers. Our background stems from business and real estate experience, but the agricultural and farming lifestyle has always been a passion. Whether it’s working in downtown Miami or working on a farm, we value and appreciate hard work and have a passion for excellence. These values translate into our philosophy for breeding elite Brahman genetics.

We operate a herd of 200 head, since our land resources are limited in this urban area. However, that hasn’t stopped us from acquiring and breeding the best the breed can offer. We have strategically selected top females and herd bulls that represent the best Brahman bloodlines in the world. We are proud to own only the finest in Brahman cattle. Our females are known for their decades of proven success in cow families and our herd sires are thick, powerful, popular bulls that have been used by hundreds of breeders worldwide through AI.

Though small in numbers, our commitment to Brahman cattle is BIG! We expect the best in our cattle and only share the finest we have with you! We welcome your inquiries at anytime to learn more about our program and opportunities to invest.

Thank you for your interest in South Florida Brahmans. Visitors are always welcome on our ranch and we would enjoy any opportunity to discuss the benefits of South Florida Brahmans genetics and the Brahman breed.